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Lerch JP, Carroll JB, Spring S, Bertram LN, Schwab C, Hayden MR, Henkelman RM
Automated deformation analysis in the YAC128 Huntington disease mouse model
January 1, 2008
39 (1) :32-9
PMID: 17942324
Beglinger LJ, Paulsen JS, Watson DB, Wang C, Duff K, Langbehn DR, Moser DJ, Paulson HL, Aylward EH, Carlozzi NE, Queller S, Stout JC
Obsessive and compulsive symptoms in prediagnosed Huntington`s disease
J Clin Psychiatry
January 1, 2008
69 (11) :1758-65
PMID: 19012814
Duff K, Paulsen JS, Beglinger LJ, Langbehn DR, Stout JC, Predict-HD Investigators of the Huntington Study Group
Psychiatric symptoms in Huntington`s disease before diagnosis: the predict-HD study
Biol Psychiatry
December 15, 2007
62 (12) :1341-6
PMID: 17481592
DiFiglia M, Sena-Esteves M, Chase K, Sapp E, Pfister E, Sass M, Yoder J, Reeves P, Pandey RK, Rajeev KG, Manoharan M, Sah DW, Zamore PD, Aronin N
Therapeutic silencing of mutant huntingtin with siRNA attenuates striatal and cortical neuropathology and behavioral deficits
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA
October 23, 2007
104 (43) :17204-9
PMID: 17940007
PMCID: PMC2040405
Heng MY, Tallaksen-Greene SJ, Detloff PJ, Albin RL
Longitudinal evaluation of the Hdh(CAG)150 knock-in murine model of Huntington's disease
J Neurosci
August 22, 2007
27 (34) :8989-98
PMID: 17715336
PMCID: 6672210
Anne SL, Saudou F, Humbert S
Phosphorylation of huntingtin by cyclin-dependent kinase 5 is induced by DNA damage and regulates wild-type and mutant huntingtin toxicity in neurons
J Neurosci
July 4, 2007
27 (27) :7318-28
PMID: 17611284
PMCID: 6794597
Dalrymple A, Wild EJ, Joubert R, Sathasivam K, Björkqvist M, Petersén A, Jackson GS, Isaacs JD, Kristiansen M, Bates GP, Leavitt BR, Keir G, Ward M, Tabrizi SJ
Proteomic profiling of plasma in Huntington's disease reveals neuroinflammatory activation and biomarker candidates
J Proteome Res
July 1, 2007
6 (7) :2833-40
PMID: 17552550
Johnson SA, Stout JC, Solomon AC, Langbehn DR, Aylward EH, Cruce CB, Ross CA, Nance M, Kayson E, Julian-Baros E, Hayden MR, Kieburtz K, Guttman M, Oakes D, Shoulson I, Beglinger L, Duff K, Penziner E, Paulsen JS, Predict-HD Investigators of the Huntington Study Group
Beyond disgust: impaired recognition of negative emotions prior to diagnosis in Huntington`s disease
July 1, 2007
130 (Pt 7) :1732-44
PMID: 17584778
Kung VW, Hassam R, Morton AJ, Jones S
Dopamine-dependent long term potentiation in the dorsal striatum is reduced in the R6/2 mouse model of Huntington's disease
June 8, 2007
146 (4) :1571-80
PMID: 17478055
Voisine C, Varma H, Walker N, Bates EA, Stockwell BR, Hart AC
Identification of potential therapeutic drugs for huntington's disease using Caenorhabditis elegans
PLoS One
June 6, 2007
2 (6) :e504
PMID: 17551584
PMCID: 1876812
Kaltenbach LS, Romero E, Becklin RR, Chettier R, Bell R, Phansalkar A, Strand A, Torcassi C, Savage J, Hurlburt A, Cha GH, Ukani L, Chepanoske CL, Zhen Y, Sahasrabudhe S, Olson J, Kurschner C, Ellerby LM, Peltier JM, Botas J, Hughes RE
Huntingtin interacting proteins are genetic modifiers of neurodegeneration
PLoS Genet
May 11, 2007
3 (5) :e82
PMID: 17500595
PMCID: 1866352
Woodman B, Butler R, Landles C, Lupton MK, Tse J, Hockly E, Moffitt H, Sathasivam K, Bates GP
The Hdh(Q150/Q150) knock-in mouse model of HD and the R6/2 exon 1 model develop comparable and widespread molecular phenotypes
Brain Res Bull
April 30, 2007
72 (2-3) :83-97
PMID: 17352931
Solomon AC, Stout JC, Johnson SA, Langbehn DR, Aylward EH, Brandt J, Ross CA, Beglinger L, Hayden MR, Kieburtz K, Kayson E, Julian-Baros E, Duff K, Guttman M, Nance M, Oakes D, Shoulson I, Penziner E, Paulsen JS, Predict-HD Investigators of the Huntington Study Group
Verbal episodic memory declines prior to diagnosis in Huntington`s disease
April 9, 2007
45 (8) :1767-76
PMID: 17303196
PMCID: PMC2570315
Varma H, Voisine C, DeMarco CT, Cattaneo E, Lo DC, Hart AC, Stockwell BR
Selective inhibitors of death in mutant huntingtin cells
Nat Chem Biol
February 1, 2007
3 (2) :99-100
PMID: 17195849
Beglinger LJ, Langbehn DR, Duff K, Stierman L, Black DW, Nehl C, Anderson K, Penziner E, Paulsen JS, Huntington Study Group Investigators
Probability of obsessive and compulsive symptoms in Huntington`s disease
Biol Psychiatry
February 1, 2007
61 (3) :415-8
PMID: 16839521
Weydt P, Pineda VV, Torrence AE, Libby RT, Satterfield TF, Lazarowski ER, Gilbert ML, Morton GJ, Bammler TK, Strand AD, Cui L, Beyer RP, Easley CN, Smith AC, Krainc D, Luquet S, Sweet IR, Schwartz MW, La Spada AR
Thermoregulatory and metabolic defects in Huntington's disease transgenic mice implicate PGC-1alpha in Huntington's disease neurodegeneration
Cell Metab
November 1, 2006
4 (5) :349-62
PMID: 17055784
Guidetti P, Bates GP, Graham RK, Hayden MR, Leavitt BR, MacDonald ME, Slow EJ, Wheeler VC, Woodman B, Schwarcz R
Elevated brain 3-hydroxykynurenine and quinolinate levels in Huntington disease mice
Neurobiol Dis
July 1, 2006
23 (1) :190-7
PMID: 16697652
Cao C, Temel Y, Blokland A, Ozen H, Steinbusch HW, Vlamings R, Nguyen HP, von Hörsten S, Schmitz C, Visser-Vandewalle V
Progressive deterioration of reaction time performance and choreiform symptoms in a new Huntington's disease transgenic ratmodel
Behav Brain Res
June 30, 2006
170 (2) :257-61
PMID: 16569446
Lloret A, Dragileva E, Teed A, Espinola J, Fossale E, Gillis T, Lopez E, Myers RH, MacDonald ME, Wheeler VC
Genetic background modifies nuclear mutant huntingtin accumulation and HD CAG repeat instability in Huntington's disease knock-in mice
Hum Mol Genet
June 15, 2006
15 (12) :2015-24
PMID: 16687439
Van Raamsdonk JM, Gibson WT, Pearson J, Murphy Z, Lu G, Leavitt BR, Hayden MR
Body weight is modulated by levels of full-length huntingtin
Hum Mol Genet
May 1, 2006
15 (9) :1513-23
PMID: 16571604
Paulsen JS, Hayden M, Stout JC, Langbehn DR, Aylward E, Ross CA, Guttman M, Nance M, Kieburtz K, Oakes D, Shoulson I, Kayson E, Johnson S, Penziner E, Predict-HD Investigators of the Huntington Study Group
Preparing for preventive clinical trials: the Predict-HD study
Arch Neurol
January 1, 2006
63 (6) :883-90
PMID: 16769871
Zuccato C, Liber D, Ramos C, Tarditi A, Rigamonti D, Tartari M, Valenza M, Cattaneo E
Progressive loss of BDNF in a mouse model of Huntington's disease and rescue by BDNF delivery
Pharmacol Res
August 4, 2005
52 (2) :133-9
PMID: 15967378
Paulsen JS, Zimbelman JL, Hinton SC, Langbehn DR, Leveroni CL, Benjamin ML, Reynolds NC, Rao SM
fMRI biomarker of early neuronal dysfunction in presymptomatic Huntington's disease
AJNR Am J Neuroradiol
November 2, 2004
25 (10) :1715-21
PMID: 15569736