Preclinical research MFA

Preclinical research

CHDI Foundation is exclusively dedicated to collaboratively developing therapeutics that will substantially improve the lives of individuals with Huntington’s disease. Even with this clarity of mission there is a practical limit to the number of initiatives that can be orchestrated in parallel, so CHDI must prioritize where our resources will be most effective in HD drug discovery and development. This requires a transparent strategic framework that ensures alignment among the various stakeholders, from biology to chemistry, early discovery to translational to clinical, as well as the important integration of CHDI staff with the broader community in the academic, biopharmaceutical, and regulatory sectors.

Earlier this year we reorganized our preclinical research programs into three units, each covering a broad area of R&D activity that, in concert, we consider will offer the greatest likelihood of delivering effective therapeutics to HD families as soon as possible: these units are Huntingtin-Lowering Biology and Therapeutics, Genotype and Phenotype Therapeutics, and Chemistry and Drug Discovery. We are currently compiling brief descriptions of each unit that will be available soon.

CHDI will continue to explore new areas of biology and be receptive to novel ideas that have relevance to HD, especially when there is promising scientific evidence in humans and a compelling case can be made that approaches a threshold concomitant with the current biology units. If you would like more information on the preclinical units or would like to discuss other areas of biology then please contact