Independent Statistical Standing Committee

Independent Statistical Standing Committee

The Independent Statistical Standing Committee (ISSC) is intended to provide independent, unbiased evaluation and expert advice regarding all aspects of experimental design and statistics. Its overarching aim is to help improve the quality and reproducibility of scientific research and, as such, CHDI is making this resource available to the Huntington’s disease research community on a priority basis. The ISSC is comprised of individuals from a diverse range of disciplines with specific expertise in research design and statistics. Critically, committee members are not themselves engaged in Huntington’s disease research, mitigating any potential biases.


The ISSC provides a number of services, including (but not limited to):

  • Expert assistance in developing protocols and statistical analysis plans (including sample size/power calculations);
  • Independent evaluation of prepared study protocols;
  • Independent input into and/or review of HD community resources, including websites and educational resources.

Committee members:

There are currently seven members of the ISSC, each with a special interest in scientific rigor and study reproducibility. New members may be invited onto the ISSC to cover new methodologies, or affiliates consulted for specific projects.




Marcus Munafò (Chair) University of Bristol Professor of Biological Psychology
William Browne University of Bristol Professor of Statistics
Glyn Lewis University College London Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology
Martin Lindquist Johns Hopkins University Professor of Biostatistics
Malcolm MacLeod University of Edinburgh Professor of Neurology and Translational Neurosciences
Kate Tilling University of Bristol Professor of Medical Statistics
Eric-Jan Wagenmakers University of Amsterdam Professor of Neurocognitive Modeling


Jen Ware, PhD (, Director, Experimental Design at CHDI, is the point of contact for engagement with the ISSC. Please contact her directly to discuss your requirements.

Researchers wanting to utilize the protocol evaluation and development services provided by the ISSC are encouraged to engage early in the study design process, and certainly before commencement of data collection.