Our Staff

CHDI Management provides administrative, management, and contracting services to CHDI Foundation, as well as to other non-profit organizations dedicated to HD research. We have offices in Los Angeles, New York City, and Princeton, New Jersey.

Staff list

Jeff Aaronson
Director, Bioinformatics
Mona Abughaida
Clinical Research Program Manager
Morshed Alam, PhD
Director, Clinical Statistics
Emilie Anderson, MSLIS
E-Resources Librarian & Office Administrator
Maya Bader, PhD
Program Manager
Hoda Bahgat
Program Manager
Jonathan Bard, PhD
Director, Molecular Pharmacology
Ruth Basu
Chief Administrative Officer
Irina Batushansky
Program Manager
Vahri Beaumont, PhD
Director, Neurobiology
Paolo Beuzer, PhD
Director, Translational Biomarkers
Robi Blumenstein
Martina Blumenthal, PhD
Program Manager
Kiran Borkar, MPH
Clinical Research Program Manager
Mark Burton
Software Applications Manager
Roger Cachope, MD, MS
Director, Systems Neurobiology
Abigail Candelora, MBA
Program Manager
Richard Chen, PhD
Director, Genome Engineering & Drug Discovery
Jian Chen, PhD
Director, Network Modeling & Bioinformatics
Lindsay Cherneski, MA
Clinical Research Program Manager
Kinga Chrobak
Clinical Research Program Manager
Maxine Crooks
Clinical Research Program Manager
Prachi Dalal
Clinical Research Program Manager
Jaimie DellaVella
Office Administrator
Shilpa Deshpande, MBA
Director, Clinical Operations - Enroll
Liz Doherty, PhD
Director, Medicinal Chemistry
Celia Dominguez, PhD
Vice President, Chemistry
Ken Duphiney
Contracts Administrator
Jennifer (Shapiro) Dziurzynski
Program Manager
Pua Feigenbaum, PhD
Clinical Research Program Manager and Study Lead, FuRST2.0
Illona Feldman
Clinical Research Program Manager
Dan Felsenfeld, PhD
Director, Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine
Michael Finley, PhD
Director, Target Validation and Drug Discovery
Darren Freeman
Data Manager
Rebecca Fuller, PhD
Director and Lead, Clinical Outcomes Unit
Evelyn Galstian
Program Manager
Emily Gantman, PhD
Director, Strategic Projects and Planning
Joseph Greenstein
Compound Management & Cheminformatics Program Manager
Jamie Hamilton, PhD
Director, Clinical Outcome Assessments
Tasir Haque, PhD
Director, Medicinal Chemistry
Victoria Hashiguchi
Office Administrator
Todd Herbst
Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics Program Manager
David Howland, PhD
Director, Model Systems
Carol Jacobsen, JD
Director, Clinical Operations
Kristin Jenkins
Office Manager/Meeting & Event Coordinator
Ayisha Jones
Office Administrator
Lauren Jung
Program Manager
Julia Keklak, MS
Clinical Research Program Manager, Biorepository
Alison Khan
Office Administrator & Recruiting Support
Vinod Khetarpal, PhD
Director, DMPK
John King
Finance Administrator
Seung Kwak, PhD
Director, Molecular Systems
Brenda Lager
Genetically Modified Animal Program Manager
Oxana Lavrova, MBA
Program Manager
Ramee Lee, PhD
Director, Molecular Networks
Jamie Levey, MBA
Co-Director, Clinical Research Platform*
Eva Li
Clinical Research Program Manager
Sherry Lifer
Director, Contract Finance & Operations
Longbin Liu, PhD
Director, Medicinal Chemistry
Douglas Macdonald, PhD
Director, Research Operations and Scientific Alliances
Mithra Mahmoudi
Program Manager, Research Tools & BioRepositories
Michel Maillard, PhD
Director, Medicinal Chemistry
Deanna Marchionini, PhD
Director, Discovery Biology
George McAllister, PhD
Director, HTT Lowering Pharmacology*
John McCool
Program Manager
Carl Meinhof, PhD
Director, Informatics
Liliana Menalled, PhD
Director, In Vivo Pharmacology
Noopur Modi
Clinical Research Program Manager
Rida Mohammed
Data Program Manager
Edith Monteagudo, PhD
Director, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics*
Ignacio Munoz-Sanjuan, PhD
Vice President, Translational Biology
Eileen Neacy
Chief Operating Officer
Elena Ngangom
Clinical Research Program Manager
Simon Noble, PhD
Director, Scientific Communications
Robert Pacifici, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Elena Pak
Clinical Research Program Manager and Study Lead, HDClarity
Nikki Palasits
Clinical Research Program Manager
Liuba Parfenova, PhD
Program Manager
Foram Patel
Clinical Research Program Manager
Nikolay Plotnikov, PhD
Director, Computational Molecular Modeling & Structural Biology
Brinda Prasad, PhD
Director, Protein Structure Function and Biomarkers
Alicia Preiss
Program Manager
Harriet Prescott
Facilities Administrator and Project Support
Travis Price
Training Program Manager
Sharon Purcell
Program Manager
Dorian Pustina, PhD
Director, Experimental Neuroimaging
Chris Rackow
Director, Information Technology
Shauna Rahim, SHRM-CP
Human Resources Manager
David Rankin
Chief Legal Officer
Faisal Rashid
Clinical Research Program Manager
Kelsey Ricci, MA
Clinical Research Program Manager
Miah Roberts, MPH
Clinical Research Program Manager
Matthew Roché, PhD
Director, Outcomes Research
Jim Rosinski, PhD
Director, Computational Biology
Cristina Sampaio, MD, PhD
Chief Clinical Officer
Swati Sathe, MD
Medical Director, Clinical Research
Mark Schoenberg, CPA
Ananya Sengupta, PhD
Program Manager
Ethan Signer, PhD
Senior Scientific Advisor Emeritus
Mette Skinbjerg, PhD
Director, Clinical Neuroimaging
Balajee Somalinga, PhD
Director, RNA Biology
Seema Sukhram, MS, PMP
Clinical Research Program Manager
Haiying Tang, PhD
Director, Clinical & Translational Neuroimaging
Allan Tobin, PhD
Senior Scientific Advisor Emeritus
Sandra Tran
Program Manager
Helena Tran
Program Manager
Jerry Turner
Meeting & Event Manager
Saba Vemuri
Program Manager
Abhishek Vishnu, PhD
Director, Clinical Epidemiology
Thomas F. Vogt, PhD
Vice President, Drug Discovery Genotype & Phenotype Unit
Yuchuan Wang, PhD
Director, Molecular Neuroimaging
Jen Ware, PhD
Director, Experimental Design
John Warner, PhD
Director, Biostatistics
Amy Weiss, MA
Program Manager
Sagarika Wijeratne
Clinical Research Program Manager
Priscila Winkowski
Clinical Research Program Manager
Katherine Wong, MPH
Program Manager
Andrew Wood, PhD
Vice President, Clinical Neuroimaging Research
Victoria Zolfaghari, MPH
Clinical Research Program Manager