Clinical biorepository

Clinical Biorepository

CHDI makes human biosamples available to the HD research community to facilitate a broad variety of HD research and accelerate progress towards the development of therapeutics. Biosamples collected from research participants include buccal swabs, buffy coat, CSF, cells from CSF, DNA, RNA, LCLs, PBMCs, plasma, and serum which are stored and made available to any interested researcher from academia, government institutions, nonprofit organizations, and public and private companies. Any researcher who wants to access biosamples will need to submit a data and/or biosample request form. For most renewable biosamples there is no merit review of project proposals requesting access. However, for nonrenewable biosample requests a review of project proposals is required, which will be based on the merit of the proposed research or prioritization according to available limited resources, respectively. Such requests will be reviewed by the Scientific Review Committee, an independent committee of scientists. You can explore available biosample types and collections and submit requests for biosamples on the Enroll-HD website.