HDinHD: Open science for the HD research community

Huntington’s Disease in High-Definition – or HDinHD – is designed to build a collaborative, open science, HD research community through rapid dissemination of data (some unpublished) and by fostering free exchange of ideas, analyses and tools. Specifically, HDinHD seeks to achieve this through:

  • Sharing HD-related primary scientific data, much unpublished
  • Sharing analyses and computational models derived from HD-related scientific data
  • Providing browsing and data interrogation tools over both primary and analyzed data that facilitate data exploration and hypothesis generation
  • Building a forum for HD researchers to highlight their data, tools, know-how and insight to the community

Visit the HDinHD website where you can create an account and see the data and tools available. Your input and feedback is essential to help us evolve HDinHD so that it makes a difference to your research.

HDinHD is a joint development effort between CHDI and Giovanni Coppola’s lab at the University of California, Los Angeles.