Science Director, Medicinal Chemistry

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VP, Chemistry

Role of a Director of Chemistry Medicinal is to move projects from hit identification to the clinic. This requires the ability to strategically plan and tactically implement a plan to make a scientific decision to move a program forward or terminate based on solid scientific data. He or she must have the highest scientific rigor. In addition he or she must be able to identify evaluate and implement new technologies that facilitate drug discovery research.

Job Description

  • Managing external CROs for testing candidate therapeutic agents for Huntington’s disease in relevant rodent models, large farm animals and nonhuman primates
  • Working closely with academic and industrial collaborators in areas relevant to disease modeling in animal models, including non-human primates.
  • Developing and managing the implementation of molecular, histological and behavioral endpoints relevant to disease modification studies in HD.
  • Working closely with other scientific directors for target biology validation, pharmacodynamic target engagement, pathway modulation and assessment of disease modification using various molecular, behavioral and imaging endpoints in relevant animal models.
  • Working closely with DMPK colleagues.
  • Designing and implementing therapeutic testing strategies for the various drug discovery and gene therapy programs.
  • Selecting and managing external vendors to providing relevant services and qualification of data and reports.
  • Writing peer-review publications and presenting internally and at relevant conferences.
  • Develop a strategic and tactical plan for integrated chemistry projects
  • Communicate and effectively implement project plan
  • Manage and influence teams in a matrix and collaborative format
  • Manage integrated drug discovery teams to efficiently meet team goals
  • Be able to modify chemistry plan as needed based on weekly scientific data (i.e. SAR)
  • Resolve chemistry, medicinal chemistry, DMPK issues
  • Lead and mentor project leaders and medicinal chemists.
  • Resolve potency, selectivity and DMPK issues
  • Stay on top of all the data for specified project(s)
  • Clearly articulate the needs of the team and the critical issues of the project to management
  • Collaborate with internal and external biologist to develop biological tools to help answer key biological questions
  • He or she must be able to motivate and inspire the team to reach the specified goal(s).


The candidate of choice will have:

  • Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry
  • Ten plus years experience in pharmaceutical or biotech companies in advancing molecules from hit identification to clinical trials
  • Thorough understanding of medicinal chemistry
  • Experience with peptide and large molecules characterization is a plus
  • Experience in generating labeled molecules (large or small) for imaging studies is a plus
  • Experience in evaluating and implementing new technologies
  • Experience with state of the art LCMS/MS platforms
  • Proven problem solving skills, creativity, and publication record
  • Experience in leading a project team from hit identification to phase I clinical trials
  • Experience in resolving process research issue to enable synthesis of API and phase I clinical trial
  • Strong understanding of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics
  • Ability to understand the basic biology of specified project
  • Strong communication skills both oral and written


  • Honest, Ethical, Hard Working, Innovative, and a team player
  • Flexible, open minded, ability to listen to others
  • Motivate, guide and inspire integrated teams

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