Director of Computational Chemistry

Job Location

The position will be based in Los Angeles, CA

Job Reports To

VP of Chemistry, Los Angeles, CA

Job Description

Role of a Director of Computational Chemistry is to lead and support activities including, but not limited to:

  • Ensuring effective computational chemistry project support through firsthand work and by providing technical oversight and management of external resources
  • Assessment and implementation of effective emerging methodologies, such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence
  • Impactful delivery of strategies for protein-structure based and ligand based drug design
  • Providing guidance for FTE and other resource allocation of computational chemistry, structural biology, and biophysical resources at Integrated Drug Discovery CROs

Qualifications of a Director of Cheminformatics & Computational Chemistry:

  • Ph.D. in computational chemistry or related field
  • Post-doctoral experience
  • Expert knowledge of computational chemistry and application thereof in drug discovery
  • Extensive firsthand experience with commercial molecular modeling and data mining software in
  • Ability to manage ideas from multiple sources, including colleagues, scientific literature and patents


  • Honest, ethical, diligent, innovative, and a team player
  • Flexible, open minded, ability and desire to listen to others
  • Motivate, guide and inspire integrated teams

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