Director, Computational Chemistry

Director (Computational Chemistry)

Job Location

The position will be based in CHDI’s Los Angeles, CA location.

Job Reports To

VP, Chemistry

Job Responsibilities

Role of a Director of Computational Chemistry. The candidate will be involved in chemistry operations with a job function that also requires maintenance and enhancement of in-house developed cheminformatics software written in C/C++ using the Qt framework.  The candidate will ideally have background in both development and evaluation of statistical, clustering and partitioning models (QSAR, QSPR, CoMFA, etc.) to understand structure activity relationships, chemical and biological profiles of compounds, and to aid with compound optimization and library design and in application of computational chemistry methodologies for structure-based design.

Qualifications of a Director of Cheminformatics & Computational Chemistry:

  • Ph.D. in cheminformatics or computational chemistry
  • Post-doctoral experience
  • Proven problem solving skills, creativity, and publication record
  • Strong communication skills both oral and written


  • Honest, ethical, diligent, innovative, and a team player
  • Flexible, open minded, ability and desire to listen to others
  • Motivate, guide and inspire integrated teams

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